The range of services provided by NIC(APSC) are :
NIC,Hyderabad Data Centre  offers Services under the following category  
 Primary Data Centre Services at State level (SDC Services)  
 Primary Data Centre Services at the National level (NDC Services)  
 Disaster Recovery Services(DRC Services)  
 Certifying Authority Disaster Recovery (CA_DR Services)  
 DR Services for states like Gujarat, Goa,Rajasthan etc.  
 A host of applications like WEB/Mail/connectivity to SDC/NDC/DR & BCP are running on the Network Services `  
 All State Capitals in the country are connected to Hyderabad creating a multi homing NICNET  
 Core nework of 2.5G/10G connectivity is setup on NKN with mesh connectivity for high availability and redunancy  
 Nework infrastructure to provide 10G connecvity at APSC  
 All District NIC Centers connectivity is being enhanced to 100Mbps/1Gbps and 1Gbps at bordering Districts to neighboring States  
 Dr Services of NMS,AAA & ASA services are active  
 Hi-bandwidth redundant Internet Gateway  
 Network services for Dept.of Posts, CGHS,PAO, e-Courts  
 24X7 Helpdesk for Network services  
 Issuance of digital Signature Certificates for Govt.officials    
E-mail services are on Cetralized Server at Delhi  
DR services for the E-mail are operational from Hyderabad  
6000 e-mail accounts for AP created under NIC e-mail services  
All the Districts of AP on VC Network through terrestrial links  
Desktop VC (EVCS) services are enabled at the Offices of Chief Secretary, Chief Post Master General, Police  
Studio Based VC System have been commissioned at UIDAI, APARD & INCOIS  
Exclusive Studio based VC commissioned for AP Secretariat  
On an average monthly 100-120 VC sessions conducted  
Virtual class rooms and e-learning framework as a part of NKN services