Slno Project Details

Workflow automation system for managing farmer welfare schemes of Horticulture and allied sectors in the country with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture. Several Workshops and training programmes were organised in all the States and UTs in the country with the support of MoA in implementing this Project.


Nurses Registration and Tracking System is first of its kind the country designed for the Indian Nursing Council. Hon'ble Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Sri Jagath Prakash Naddaji has launched this project  at New Delhi in the month of June 2016.


An online secured web application has been designed to manage the schemes of the Ministry of Health Welfare, which are being implemented all over the country.


A G2C services project of NIC which is an ongoing project,  approved by the Deity and Ministry. Several citizen centric mobile apps were developed under this project. Several more citizen centric mobile apps under development.


AP and TS are using this one stop non-stop cloud enabled multi-tenant testing labs ERP solution. Seed Testing, Labs, Fertilizer Testing Labs, Soil Testing Labs, Medicine Testing Labs or any Govt. testing laboratory can use this software in the country.


End-to-end Workflow automation solution for the entire recruitment process. Several Central Govt. and State Govt. organisations are using this solution and eliminated legal problems due to the transparent solution.


The entire workflow of the State Nursing Councils was automated. The Telangana and AP
Nursing Councils are using this system. INC is planning to roll this out in the entire country. This has resulted in saving several lakhs of rupees expenditure every month.


The CAG & Income Tax establishments all over the country are using this online workflow system. Recently, a other Central Board of Direct Taxes has decided to use it all over the country.


Both Telangana and AP Police are using various applications and software designed and developed such as Jail Release Monitoring System.


Various online / offline applications for High Court of AP, has been made operational. Projects such as e-Court, a paper-less court software was designed developed and deployed successfully at Hon'ble High Court, Judicature of AP and T.S, Hyderabad .


DeitY approved National project  in cooperation sector


Land Hub and Card ++, recently, the State Govt. has decided to give these vital and major projects to NIC. It is planned execute them with enterprise architecture as one stop non-stop multi-tenant cloud enabled open technologies based, device agnostic, vendor agnostic solutions with SMACi+ technologies i.e.,Social Media, Mobile Technologies, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, IoT , GIS, Multi-media Technologies, Remote Sensing etc.,


A one stop non-stop multi-tenant, mobile based Aadhaar based DBT solution for distribution of inputs to the farmers was designed developed and piloted successfully. The application was inaugurated by Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble Union Minister, MEIT, Govt. of India  on 4th June 2016 at  Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.


For establishment of a Nuclear Power Plant at Kovvada, Srikakulam District , Andhra Pradesh, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited has approached NIC for digital support. A low cost mobile based authentic field survey solution was designed developed and deployed successfully by NIC APSC in a record time. As a result the NPCIL could complete the field survey in a very simple cost effective, transparent and authentic manner.


The Public Distribution System in Andhra Pradesh has been totally digitized. The supply chain management, the Fair Shop transactions, were automated with Aadhaar based bio-metric enabled POS device. The ration card Data has been digitized and Aadhaar seeded. Every month nearly 1.3 Crore Aadhaar beneficiaries (ration card holders) are availing the subsidized ration. It has been estimated that this application has resulted in savings of nearly 1100 Crores of rupees.


In December 2015 Hon'ble Prime Minister presented Rs 2 crores cash award and citation to the Panchayat Raj Dept, Govt of AP, for the innovative Digital Panchayat solution, which was designed developed by NIC to digitally empower the field functionaries of the Gram Panchayats, for rendering all the statutory services to the citizens through the Mobile Tablets PCs It has eSign facility integrated to the online transactions, Online Payment Facility , QR code based verification facility, SMS Gateway Interface, SMTP interface, Ldap integration etc., It enables the panchayat functionaries to issue a. Marriage Certificate, Property Valuation Certificate, Mutation, Water Tap Connection, NOC for Small Medium and Large Scale Industries, Building Permissions, Layout Permission, Birth and Death Registration, Sanitation etc.,


Online, transparent, end-to-end solution to facilitate the Management of Cadaver Organ Harvesting and Transplantation has been designed developed and deployed successfully. It also provides information and alerts to all the appropriate users on a real time basis so as to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the entire operations forming part of the Jeevandan Scheme.


End-to-End online transparent solution designed developed and being deployed for the implementation of the various Govt. welfare schemes in the social sector, for education, skill development etc., The social welfare, SC welfare etc., departments are using this system.


An online and mobile based solution for performance management, production management, fishermen welfare schemes implementation designed developed and deployed successfully for the Fisheries Department , Govt. of A.P


A mobile based one-stop digital empowerment solution for managing all the women and child centric welfare schemes of the Govt. has been designed developed and deployed for use by the functionaries of the Women and Child Welfare Department. Health and Family Welfare Department and the Rural/Urban Development Departments successfully.


In the entire state of Andhra Pradesh , e-Office is being implemented successfully


Aadhaar enabled Bio-metric Time and Attendance Management system is being implemented at all the major state Govt. offices in A.P.


A transparent end-to-end workflow automation system has been designed developed and deployed for digital empowerment of all the stakeholders involved in creating and managing the infrastructure for drinking water distribution in the rural areas. The water quality also gets monitored with the help of this system.


Debt Waiver is a flagship welfare scheme of the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Based on the rules and regulations of the scheme, a transparent online system has been developed and deployed for the successful implementation of this scheme.


All the property registration offices in the State of A.P are totally computerised. The registration offices transparency has been increased. The system is very versatile, robust, citizen friendly and secure. The Govt. is able to monitor the registration and stamp duty revenue on day to day basis . All the stakeholders have access to respective dashboards.


The entire land records were digitized, and Aadhaar seeded. A secure workflow system was built to digitally empower the revenue functionaries in managing the land records in a transparent and reliable manner.


A transparent end-to-end solution for the admission counselling of the students seeking admissions in the professional courses and institutions has been designed developed and deployed. The State council of Higher Education is able to admit students to the Engineering, MCA, MBA, Law , etc., professional courses, besides Polytechnic courses
with the help of this system in A.P.


Vaccination Appointment for the International Travelers system was designed developed and successfully deployed for use by the Institute of Preventive Medicine. AP. It produces certificate as per WHO norms


A low cost mobile based Tele-Agriculture, Tele-Veterinary, Tele-Medicine Solution has been conceptualised designed developed and deployed for use by the farmers and citizens in collaboration with the MANAGE, GoI.


An online system to manage the functioning of the Govt funded welfare hostels , designed developed and deployed for the benefit of the Welfare Department of the Govt.