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  e-Learning Services

In the current era, where technology is rapidly evolving, education has also taken the support of ICT and now offers convenient ways to help increase the knowledge, education and literacy status of people. E-learning platform provides anywhere, anytime easy access for upgradation of knowledge and skills. It provides a platform wherein the individual gets a customized package related to key thematic areas, through a self-guided process.

e-Learning courses provide an enabling platform by virtue of which the professionals can upgrade their knowledge without going for regular courses, ICDS functionaries, professionals working in the area of Health & Nutrition, Paramedics like nurses, Dieticians, students of home science colleges, medical students, Trainers of training Institutes, those who wish to avail themselves with current ideas in maternal and child development and also mothers who want to keep themselves abreast with the latest and correct knowledge would be certainly benefitted with these courses.

NIPCCD in its continuous endeavor to upgrade the knowledge and skills of functionaries/learner has developed a series of courses that are easy, promotes learning in easy and interactive manner. It is an effort to provide a direction to child development, research & training in the country, with the objective to bridge the gap and contribute towards training future leaders, working in the field of maternal & child development.

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