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With the advent of high end streaming media technology, the concept of doing live/on-demand webcast has gained popularity like never before. Webcasting an event allows you to extend the reach of your event to all corners of the world, with no limitations of physical or geographical boundaries. At NIC, we ensure that your events get an optimum webcast with flawless production quality. NIC's webcast service offers a turnkey solution for an event, bringing onsite production, hosting, and streaming to millions of online viewers.

Our Services

Live Webcast : the transmission of live or pre-recorded audio or video to personal computers that are connected to the Internet. A user who clicks a link to a live clip joins the live event in progress. Because the event is happening in real time, fast-forward, rewind, and pause capabilities are not available. Live Web casts are most suitable for high demand live presentations to large geographically dispersed audiences. Participants can attend these virtual presentations from their desktop by visiting a web site. Interaction between instructor and learners occurs in real-time. Participants can use a chat window to type in questions to the presenter during the session. Web casts simulate the look and feel of a live event and can even be recorded for later viewing for those who missed the original web cast. This method is also less expensive than satellite broadcasting.

On-Demand Webcast : Pre-recorded clips are delivered, or streamed, to users upon request. A user who clicks a link to an on-demand clip watches the clip from the beginning. The user can fast-forward, rewind, or pause the clip. Therefore on demand streams can be created from archived live events or recorded clips.

Multimedia Presentations Over the WWW : The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL, pronounced “smile”) enables simple authoring of interactive audiovisual presentations. SMIL is being used for multimedia presentations which integrate streaming audio and video with images, text or any other media type.

Technologies Supported

In an attempt to ensure universality, both the popular and prevalent streaming media technologies viz. Flash Media, Real Network Technology and Microsoft's Windows Media Technology are being fully supported by the state-of-the art media servers set up by us.

Flash Media Technology

   Encoder : Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE)
   Server    : Flash Media Streaming Server (FMS)
   Player    : Flash Media Player/Plugin
   Protocols : RTMP
   Mobile Devices : Android OS 4.0 above & Apple IOS

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