Ministry of Electronics & Information TechnologyNATIONAL INFORMATICS CENTRE Andhra Pradesh

  Video Conferencing Services

Presently, VC services are available across the country over NICNET including state capitals, districts, Union territories, CS offices, Governors offices, Secretaries to GOI etc.
Videoconferencing facilities are being upgraded with the state of art technology in all locations by providing High Definition Videoconferencing systems.
VC Services were decentralized by enabling each State Unit to handle its own Multipoint Videoconferencing sessions to meet local and state government requirements.

This is one of the largest Videoconferencing network in the country.

Key Features of NIC Videoconferencing Services

Largest Video Conferencing network in India consisting of more than 1400 dedicated Videoconferencing Studios over NICNET covering all State Capitals & UTs, all districts, Raj Bhawans, Ministries, Courts and Jails, CPMFs, DGPs, CPMGs, Cabinet Secretary, Secretaries to GOI, CS offices etc.

   42 MCUs across country & has largest Multipoint Videoconferencing capability of up to 500 sites.
   Offering High Quality and High Definition Videoconferencing at speeds up to 4 Mbps
   Total 66 High End Virtual Classrooms established over NKN (IITs, NITs, IISc, IISERs etc.) and 400 e-Classrooms.
   NIC provides Cloud based desktop videoconferencing services to more than 20,000 users with more than 3,00,000 hours of VC usage annually.
   Seamless integration of NIC VC services with various public networks.
   Seamless integration of NIC’s Cloud based desktop VC services with H.323 VC systems.
   Videoconferencing Services integrated with NICNET Video streaming and webcasting services. Recording facility also available.
   Hon’ble President of India has used this facility twice in a year for addressing to students and faculty of CUs, IITs, NITs & all institutions of higher studies as well as for addressing to the Governors of India.
   This is used by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India every month for reviewing of national projects under PRAGATI.
   Average utilization of 25000 Video meetings, over 5 Lakhs Studio hours of VC usage per year.

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