Ministry of Electronics & Information TechnologyNATIONAL INFORMATICS CENTRE Andhra Pradesh

  Messaging Services

GoI through NIC provides the E-mail services to all employees under Government of India (Central and State) to send and receive E-mails from anywhere in the internet space.

Mail Gateway Service: Gateway services offered by GoI through NIC ensures that any mail traffic, whether inbound or outbound from NICNET shall be scanned by the NIC SMTP gateways for scrubbing for any possible SPAM, malwares, Trojans and viruses. This is extremely necessary as scanning of traffic ensures that infections do not reach the GoI network. This service is available to all Departments/Ministries/Bodies under Government of India connected to NICNET. This service is also extended to PSUs provided they are on a NICNET IP.

Email Distribution List Services: This service is offered using the concept of distribution lists. Ministries/Departments/Statutory Organisations/Autonomous bodies of Government of India at the Central and State Governments level can avail this service to create user lists based on their internal departments. This service also offers a admin console that allows the end user departments to manage their own lists. By configuring a list, the department can send bulk mails to its users using the group account name.

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